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So, I went to Shrewsbury today. Mainly 'cause Fall Out Boy's new single came out. =D I had no idea there were two different Vinyl's so I got both of them and the Cd single X3 and I got one of the two Famous Last Words Vinyls O_o I didn't realise it was SQUARE man I thought X3 they forgot to put it in. In HMV O_o I also got avenged sevenfold and t.A.T.u. along with the first three Star Wars films.

Then, we headed to Virgin and I got an AFI, Fall out boy and the new MCR poster, along with the last three Star Wars films, though I didn't get the MCR shirt they had X3 oh well.

Then I headed to salsa and was like "O_O" 'cause you can buy magic mushrooms in there O_o like in the open. Then I headed to Soho's and got some pink hair dye for my hair, and flipped when they had the black parade jackets, though only Mikey's and Gerard's. Mikey's is cheaper in Salsa though =D.

I also got Viva La Bam seasons 2-3 and Romeo and Juliet on DVD 'cause my video is all chewed up :( . I got a new shirt to...... It's pretty cool oh and I got some new headphones because mine just suck when I'm listening to music outside. I'm super hacked :( they didn't have the copy of 'in love and death' I wanted. I'll have to get that online.

Updated my info- well will in a moment to show my user lolness.

I have a joke. It's not funny, some people seem to think it is.
What kind of music to cows listen to? *first one to get it right wins Pete Wentz*

Only kiddin' about the Pete Wentz thing :) you get a virtual cookie instead.
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M, shopping tomorrow. Shrewsbury is awesome for shopping <3 Soho's and HMV and the games store it's so awesome. Way better than cruddy ol' Welshpool.
So, I have to go have this guitar lesson Thursday; well I think it's Thursday. I better be decent at it, damnit. Otherwise I don't even get to try :(

So, I started my new fic the other day and updated part two earlier. I started part three, but I got distracted hahahaha.

I just finished watching Star Wars episode three weeee~ I love Star wars. But now I have Kim Possible on, okay I srlsy need to find something else to watch.

No ones online on MSN :( it sucks a lot. Add my MSN peoples xxhelena_xx[AT]
Stupid spam bots
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My Confessions

So I was listening to dirty little secret and I was thinking about this, how everyone has something they have to hide; or something they fear. And then I watched when you say nothing at all, by Ronan Keating, and some of the things that were being put up, pretty much got my brain thinking. And some of them I can relate to, some of them others can, so I was bored and I made a set of wallpapers.
Each one is black and white, and has an inverted version of it; the text being white on black. They're simple and I was bored, but here maybe someone can relate to them in a way.

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OMG OMG OMG. So like I was pestering my mother as to whatn I was gettig for my birthay other than seeing MCR and.. she told me!
A while back I saw this guitar in a store and I fell in love I basically spent ages starin' at it and now she's saying I'm having a £10 lesson first to see if I'm any good at it and if I am =D I get that guitar OMG IM SO HAPPY. I'm grining and like omgomgomgomgomg. I wa slike "I dunno if this is better than MCR or... OMG ITS JUSt THE SAME" OMG........ I#m very very very happy at the moment :) I had my suspicions it was either a guitar, a laptop or a holiday to universal studios X3... omg now roll on the 31st! Dahg ten days

Hey, who else watched channel four this morning. MCR were supposed to be on there :( they weren't.

NEW SINGLE COMES OUT TOMORROW WHOOOOT!!!! X3 I have it preordered and a special one which has all the tracks to X3
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oh... my god

You know about my "Friend" Chiaki, chika, ruki, Aimie whatever name I've used. And you know I was pretty angry at myself for some shit which happened.
I happened to stumble accross her again. It was by pure accident, and she seems so happy and I'm glad about it; a little hurt to.
I sent her a message; asking her to forgive me. She probably wont, I just know she wont.
I went onto her Gaia and someone left a message saying "Chiu-chan I love you" and it was like "Thats... what I should be saying"
Maybe a little touch of jealousy; but she obviously doesn't need me anymore, if she's close to other people.
You know; I haven't got someone close I can say that to anymore.
Ashlee, Dana, and the other people I class as my best friends; I know half the time the feelings aren't returned and to be honest, none of them knew me as well as her.
I'm just so upset.
The first one was good; because I got surprised by the person I love
The second; was "If you repost this, an old friend will return" I had her in mind when I did it; but I didn't expect it to work it did. I just dont think she's going to forgive me.
She probably doesn't even care that I've sort of got my life sorted; well am getting it sorted. She most probably hates me; I haven't heard anything back from her.
Should I e-mail her if I don't get a message back or...? She always used to be online 24/7; I'm just afraid she's going to dissapear even when I have her hand and am ready to pull her close.

I guess it doesn't matter if she doesn't forgive me... we'd probably never be as close as what we w- WHO THE FUCK AM I KIDING?! I love that kid for shit, she meant and still means, so much to me.

I don't know what to do maybe I'll just curl up on my bed with my panda bear and sleep... I don't feel like eating if anything I feel like I need some liquor; heck that isn't happening. I'm determind it isn't going to happen.
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So, my mother came in like three seconds ago and I asked her if she got Kerrang! Since I wanna read the rest of that MCR thing; you know how Gerard's talking about his split with his gf? I wanna read the rest of it, but like she decided I'm not allowed one cheep magazine. URGH, of all the effin times. So when I got a little "I just wanna read it" shes like "DONT YOU FUCKING TALK TO ME LIKE THAT" and it's like "Whatever" because I wanna try and avoid a fight, uyet all she cal do is push me. Fucking hate her. It's unfair, she hates that I have something I love and basically live for. It's just fuckin' unfair- URGH and then she complained, just now "YOU NEVER FUCKIN ASK HOW MY DAYS BEEN". PSHH DONT I?! I do even though I don't wanna know 'cause it's always as fuckin' boring as hell she forever COMPLAINS so when I'm like "If you hate it so much why don't you fuckin' leave?" she yells at me! I can't win. And like I didn't ask her 'cause I haven't had the chance to yet. Urgh. and then she get's pizza for dinner; I hate pizza and she knows it. So she just screamed at me because "I have to like something" and I'm like "I do, I just hate pizza. And the cheese makes me ill." URGH, she doesn't care that I feel as ill as... whatever. I've been asleep when I haven't been sneezing or trying to find an alternative to pills which isn't working, since I wont touch any form of drugs, I know how stupid I can get at times. Urgh, I just don't get her, she never lets me change my mind. Like, when I went off of anime she FREAKED at me and I was like "Am I not allowed to change?! Am, I just not allowed to realise I was doing nowt with my life". Oh, and now she's picking on the way I sneeze; I can't fuckin' help how loud I sneeze, I mean urgh. And here we go she's starting on the way I talk and hold my fucking cup. So what if I'm "Snobby" and hold it with my little finger out; I always have done since I broke my finger. And I can't help how I talk, so what I sound Welsh and since I've been watching Japanese programs all day my Japanese accent like thing is back and she's saying "Stop speaking like that" when I can't and she knows I can't help that I say "Vat" insted of what. Well it sounds like vat but I gaurentee you, I do say what, it just sounds like vat... Japanese/Welsh hybrid vampire, ne?

One good thing did happen today though I think it's just a coinky dink but I did this thing on MySpace and it was like "Post this and the one you love will surprise you tomorrow". I ain't goin' into what happened, but I was effin surprised.

I have a random obsession with anon posts in MCR coms, hahaha........ the only thing which I smiled -apart from previous said thing- about today. Urgh.
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2 Icon bases

The last two are the icon bases :) credit and comment please guys

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